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Who we are?

Keevu is at the moment a reduced but selected (hehe) number of persons: me, Jesús Láiz. Although I can not forget my brother, Hector, who from his busy agenda he always finds the time to keep updating all the essential communications of Keevu bilingual spanish-english, like the blog or the web.

It’s believed that this limited group of professionals will grow during the next months.

As well, I cannot forget about all these people who even not involved directly in the project, they have been following it from very close, listening to me and giving me great advises, or testing the web and reporting any errors and bugs. Thank you very much to all of you!!

Institutional support

Oficina del Emprendedor de Base Tecnológica madri+d Madri+d

Oficina del Emprendedor de Base Tecnológica madri+d was born to support the creation of new technologic-base businesses and is home for the reception of new scientific and technological business initiatives.


How we work?

We work with Ruby on Rails in order to move all this... and we love it!

Ruby on Rails, often shortened to Rails, or RoR, is an open source project written in the Ruby programming language, and applications are developed using the Model-View-Controller design paradigm (MVC).

These are some of the plugins/gems we make use of:

  • GetText for internationalization
  • Log4r for logging. It's very similar to Log4j (java)
  • ImageScience for a basic graphics manipulation

Microformats everywhere! Microformats

We make use of microformats in Keevu. For example: hCard, hCalendar, rel-tag, adr...


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